Circular Economy: What’s That?

Circular Economy: What’s That?
16th February 2023 0 Comment

Have you been hearing about circular economy but haven’t yet got to pinning it down? Read on.

Sustainability is on the top of the agenda for most companies as well as countries. UAE is observing 2023 as the Sustainability Year. emQube desktop calendar theme coincides well with the global attention given to Sustainability, where Circular Economy is the new buzzword.

So, what is a Circular Economy? Simply put, it is a cyclic sustainability practice where the end becomes the start. In contrast to a linear economy, the circular economy is conceptualized to regenerate and sustain the earth’s resources. Be it water, land, minerals, as well as all natural resources, the circular economy ensures that the maximum squeezed out at each cycle, quite akin to the sugarcane being crushed between rollers to extract the juice through multiple passes.

The circular economy is based on three percepts: reduce waste and pollution through design, increase utility of products and materials through reuse, and regenerate natural resources. The ‘take’, ‘make’ and ‘throw-away’ of the linear economy is being replaced with a more sustainable, repair, reuse and reduce mindset.

For the circular economy to succeed we need to change our mindsets right from the design stage. We need to ensure that products are designed with a longer self-sustaining cycle. The use-and-throw design has to become use-and-repair. The glamour of brand-new has reduced along with the stigma of ‘second hand’. Similarly, wealth has to stop equating with waste. Right-sizing, sufficiency, and reduction has to become a norm rather than a fad.

The younger generation is showing us the way, but it is also for companies and countries to pave the way to make the circular economy bear results.

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