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  • The Unlearning Project

    16th May 2023 0 Comment

    The first time I felt the urgent need to ‘unlearn’ was while appearing for the Driver’s License tests in Dubai. Having driven in the might-i…

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  • Online Tracking: Someone’s Following You?

    15th May 2023 0 Comment

    Ever felt like advertisements are following you from web pages to your social media feeds? The answer is yes. You are being tracked online and you’r…

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  • Parenting Digital Natives

    14th May 2023 0 Comment

    How to parent children in the digital age is a question most families have. As children browse more information online and become more connected on so…

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  • Sensing Energies : Healthy vs Toxic Relationships

    10th May 2023 0 Comment

    Have you noticed you feel good to be around certain people while you feel drained and want to get away from some? Interestingly, people emit energies …

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  • Want to Be a Better Parent?

    08th May 2023 0 Comment

    Most parents believe the best way to raise kids is by being strict and stern with them. However, a study found that dictatorial or condescending paren…

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  • Listen The Unspoken

    13th April 2023 0 Comment

    Humans have the ability to listen to sounds only in a particular frequency range. Hence, we cannot hear what bats can hear or for that matter dogs. An…

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  • What’s the Space Race Odyssey?

    11th April 2023 0 Comment

    Do you know the reason why political and commercial interest in space mining is growing? Resources relatively scarce on Earth have been found to exist…

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