Multimedia Presentations

Interactivity is the buzz word. Appeal to all the senses of your customers and you have their full attention, their eyes, their ears, and their mind. Stand out from the crowd with lively rich interactive content that engages your prospects and convert them to customers. Use multimedia to promote, disseminate, educate, inform and entertain your target audience.

  • Corporate Presentations

    Do away with boring Power-Point slides cooked up at the last minute. Make your corporate presentation a true glimpse of your organization. Embed interactivity, splendour and pomp and let your audience reel in the glory of your company. Leave a lasting impression.

  • Product Catalogues

    Isn’t it time to innovate and put to rest bulky paper catalogues. Say yes to Digital catalogues that weigh less, cost less, and can be revised easily. No more flipping page, no more wear and tear. Just simply point and click. Better still search quickly what you seek. A dash of interactivity brings a smile on their face.

  • Impact Movies

    Just 3 minutes, and your message is through. Make a high-impact flash movie and put it on your website, or mail it out and see how quickly you can make a devotee. Try it. It Works.

  • YearBook

    Hey what you did last year. See my yearbook. A novel concept pioneered by emQube to encapsulate the corporate year in a yearbook. Events, happenings, news, achievements all in a single place and available in an interactive and organized fashion. What are you waiting for, end of the year?

And why are we telling you all this, because we are already making Corporate Presentations, Product Catalogues, Animated E-Book, Yearbooks for many many customers.

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