Want to Be a Better Parent?

Want to Be a Better Parent?
08th May 2023 0 Comment

Most parents believe the best way to raise kids is by being strict and stern with them. However, a study found that dictatorial or condescending parents do not necessarily raise well-behaved kids, instead, they create rebellious ones.

Kids need to be felt loved and cared for while growing up and a parenting style that is warm and affectionate will make such kids more cooperative than those who were neglected or belittled. Also, kids who receive timely love and attention from their parents have better self-esteem and fewer behavioural problems than those who get less or no attention at all. A parent has to strike the right balance between where to be lenient and where to enforce discipline to help children develop self-control, without pushing away the connection they share with you.

There is nothing called perfect parenting, but there are many ways to parent. Which style works well on one kid may not necessarily work for another. However, all parents are obliged to raise kids into well-adjusted adults. When you positively build your child’s self-esteem and confidence it leads to a congenial parent-child relationship, one that is based on mutual respect and trust. In this article, we discuss some tips for positive parenting:

Encourage rather than criticize

Encouragement is a powerful tool for positive parenting because it reinforces what your child does right instead of what they do wrong. When your child doesn’t achieve expected scores instead of saying they are not good enough pat them on their back for having studied hard and encourage them to do better next time.

Lead by example

Children will never model good behaviour if their parents’ actions contradict their words. For your child to be polite and considerate of other people’s feelings, you must be polite and respectful too when dealing with others for him/her to follow in your footsteps.

Tough on misconduct, soft on the child

When you overreact to minor faults of your child it makes them feel they’re treated unfairly and damages the trust between you and your child so much that they hide or cover up their mistakes. Contrarily if you don’t reprimand your kids for serious misbehaviour, they’ll think they can do whatever they want leading to more issues down the road. Whenever you call attention to your child’s misdoings, be clear that their act was unacceptable, but you still love them in person and wish to see them change for the good.

Set logical rules

‘I am older than you so I can dictate’ no longer works. Kids are smart and need to understand why they need to follow certain rules in the home or when dealing with the family. When you logically explain the reasons behind a ‘Do So’ rule, it’s more for kids to follow without arguing about it. As they grow up, they’ll also be able to relate, understand and appreciate why certain things are important in life.

Don’t compare
Comparing one child with another can further deteriorate the parent-child relationship. Instead, treat them as individuals with their own unique personalities and traits. By focusing on their strength and giving scope to their talents, they’ll feel special, and more confident and also the relationship they share with you will be strengthened.

I hope these simple yet fundamental rules for parenting will help you not only improve your parenting style but also enhance the relationship you share with your children.

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