About Us


Our team

Our team comprises graduates from diverse disciplines such as fine-arts, media, computer science, marketing and communication.

We have one common passion, the passion to excel to the best of our abilities. We strive to deliver beyond the expectation of our clients and peers. Our assignment is never completed till we are completely satisfied that our clients can never get better value for their trust and money.

Client Team

The client team interacts with customers to understand their brief and prepare the site architecture, content plan, and site schematic. The same team is then responsible for delivery and handover of the project.

Media Team

The media team is responsible for the theme, the page layouts and the graphics. The team also writes copy and prepares the content for the site.

Production Team

The production team develops the site and interactive presentations based on the theme and graphic design. The team also populates the content, perform tests and deploy the site on the web. For database and CMS drive application this team is also responsible for technical architecture and design and custom coding.