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  • Which Type of Clutter is filling your Life?

    15th March 2023 0 Comment

    ‘More will lead us to happiness’ is a misconception we have. Filling our houses, our offices and our minds with more than we can manage only adds …

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  • Solitude is not Loneliness — Spend Time with Yourself

    14th March 2023 0 Comment

    Solitude is not loneliness, in simple words being alone is not always lonely. There is a philosophical difference between the two and choosing to be a…

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  • My Two Cents on NLP

    13th March 2023 0 Comment

    Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a way of changing thoughts and actions to improve well-being. The effective practice of NLP can enhance workplace perf…

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  • Rubber Ducking Out of a Dilemma

    12th March 2023 0 Comment

    Psychology may not be the realm of software developers but here’s a simple super trick that depends on behavioural science that has helped many a pr…

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  • Have You Tried Notion?

    21st February 2023 0 Comment

    People love Apple products for their minimalist design and intuitive interface. If you are an Apple fan, then you will love Notion, a no-nonsense ligh…

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  • What Happens When Humans Go Extinct?

    16th February 2023 0 Comment

    The extinction of the human species is a topic that has been widely debated and speculated upon. It’s a topic that has been explored in movies, …

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  • Circular Economy: What’s That?

    16th February 2023 0 Comment

    Have you been hearing about circular economy but haven’t yet got to pinning it down? Read on. Sustainability is on the top of the agenda for most co…

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