Online Marketing

Electronic Direct Mailers

EDM help you reach your audience at periodic intervals with news, deals and general updates about your organization.

We offer services to create the content for these newsletters, manage your mailing list and ensure that your messages are read and your mailing list is sanitized.

Writing content for email requires special understanding of the security and spam-resistant email networks. The text and images are of particular interest to spam-spotting algorithms that analyze the text to weed out unsolicited mail.

The visual of the electronic mailer play a key role in communicating your message in the quickest way. Our team of visual graphics artist use Infographics to condense your message into a meaningful picture.

We create static as well as rich-multimedia newsletters with success tracking that let you know the success of your email campaigns. We analyze results to help you plan your mailing list and create compelling communication.

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Spread the word, reach out to millions of customers in one shot. 25% of e mailers are accessed from mobile devices and so it becomes necessary to create responsive mobile compatible emailers.